Our mission is to partner with the people of Sierra Leone to restore their communities knowing that Christ will transform the lives of everyone involved.

Our vision We envision Sierra Leone as a place where its people have access to the basic needs of life, where they are healthy, equipped and empowered to support themselves and find purpose in serving others.

Our values

Christ-Centered: Jesus is at the heart of The Bridge’s ministry and we seek to do the right thing as God defines it.  We are committed to sharing the life-saving grace and love of Christ through words and actions.

Community-Based:  Our focus is on the communities where churches have been planted so that the people who live in those villages can learn to become self-sufficient, fully-devoted followers of Christ who are encouraged to help other communities in their area.  We are in it for the long-term, not for short-term projects.

Committed to Integrity: We’re dedicated to delivering excellent programs with complete integrity and insist on the recipients of any funds to do the same. The resources at our disposal are not our own, they are entrusted to us from God through donors on behalf of the poor. We are faithful to the purpose for which those resources are given and manage them in a manner that brings maximum benefit to the poor.  We demand of ourselves high standards of professional competence and accept the need to be accountable through appropriate structures for achieving these standards.  We have received accreditation through the ECFA (Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability) and you can read more about their high standards of accountability here.

Volunteer Operated:  The Bridge is operated primarily by volunteers so that donations received can go directly to helping the people in Sierra Leone.  This organization was founded by volunteers and we continue to use volunteers who have a heart to serve to accomplish a majority of the tasks needed to be done in the states. 

People First:  We seek to understand the situation of the poor and work alongside them toward fullness of life. We strive to act in ways that respect the dignity, uniqueness, and intrinsic worth of every person — the poor, the volunteers, the donors, our staff and their families, and our board members. By partnering with local indigenous leaders, The Bridge continually seeks to prioritize projects that are driven by locals rather than Western-driven solutions.  The community members themselves are involved in defining solutions and helping to reach their desired outcomes.  Our goal is to have the projects owned, operated and sustained by the community.

Life Change:  We believe that this ministry not only changes the lives of those we help in Sierra Leone, but also changes the lives of people that get involved in this ministry through trips and volunteering.   We believe in creating environments that allow Christ to transform our lives as we strive to serve Him through helping His children.