"Partnering with The Bridge is a wonderful way to send the love of Christ to the people of Sierra Leone.  The Bridge has such a genuine heart to not only love but to teach, minister and empower.  Knowing that we are working with an organization that is a trustworthy steward of all of their resources confirms that the Lord has His hand upon The Bridge."
Eric & Julie J., Bridge Builder Partners

"In Christ anything worth doing is worth doing together.  We partner with The Bridge of Hope because of their passion to develop a wholistic mission in the name of Jesus that transforms lives physically, socially, and spiritually.  We really are better together.  We believe that practical action and prayer are equally indispensable if we want to follow the call of Jesus.  The Bridge of Hope lands solidly on this ground."
Pastor Rod Shockley, TurningPoint Community Church

The Bridge was so different than my preconceived notion of what a Christian Mission was. When a mission's first priority is unconditional service to others, barriers that once were so evident fall away.  As the focus is centered off of oneself and on to those in need an amazing thing happens. God shows up and you get to experience the amazing feeling of the love of Jesus shining right through you. Like the song says, "I want to live like that" and that's why I'm committed to the Bridge of Hope.  MaryAnn - Bridge Builder Partner


Community Partners:

New Community


New Life Fellowship

Christ's Church

Soma - Federal Way

Collaborative Construction

True Reflections Church

Central Baptist Church

See what happens when we pray! God is good. All the time.

Community Partner -The Bridge is so thankful that we have the opportunity to partner with local churches as we serve our communities. The Bridge mission of partnering with indigenous leaders to come alongside to them working together to improve lives provides a unique, and exciting opportunity for churches and  businesses to use their resources and the gifts of their employees or congregations to make a dramatic impact in the world. Our partners share our goal of working towards sustainable, holistic missions approach in one of the poorest communities in the world. Engaging congregants and employees in areas including team building to corporate philanthropy, The Bridge provides an excellent outlet for small and large churches/businesses to get involved and work together to make lasting change.

If you are a leader of a church or business that is looking to challenge your people to give back, to be part of something much bigger than themselves, to develop as a team in environments that will challenge their worldview, we’d love to hear from you.


I have found that in my busyness in serving Jesus it is so easy to forget about who needs us the most... especially when they live half way around the world.  In order to complete the Great Commandment and Great Commission we all need leaders to help us help the hurting, to point where the gospel is needed and to encourage us to stay on the course of compassion. The Bridge has guided me and my church this way… their ministry has reminded me to give, to go and to pray.  To obey Jesus I don’t always have to lead; sometimes He simply wants me to follow!  I’m grateful that the Bridge has paved the way for my church and my family to show mercy, compassion and share the gospel in a region that desperately needs Jesus.  It’s a major reason why New Community and my wife Valerie and I have become Community Partners and Bridge Builder Partners with the Bridge.  Let me encourage you to follow the Bridge as they lead and challenge us to care for the physical and spiritual needs of Africa!

--Pastor Ken Mitchell, New Community Church

Bridge Builder Alliance Partner - Our Bridge Builder Alliance Partners are individuals and families that believe in our mission and the importance of helping the poor and sharing the gospel. Our BBA Partners pledge a monthly or annual amount to support this ministry so that we may plan our budget accordingly. They are an integral part of our foundation of building community and building hope. Be a part of our Bridge Builder Partners and be a part of changing the world.  Make a pledge using the Bridge Builder Pledge Form above!

Child Sponsors - Child Sponsorship is the primary foundation of our mission, allowing people to change the life of not only a child, but of a whole community. Our child sponsors make it possible for children to receive an education, nutritious meals and hear about the life-saving grace of Jesus. For just 50 cents a day, you can bring a smile to a child's face as they receive the love and support needed to help them grow. Sponsor a child today!